Favourite albums of 2010 - 1st quarter

Third month of 2010 and I've already listened to quite a few new releases. Here are the ones I've enjoyed most so far with the respective rating and a short review:

Dear God I Hate Myself
by Xiu Xiu
It's not their best and it's not getting good reviews either. But that has nothing to do with the fact that I find it to be an enjoyable album with fun and poppy tunes like Gray Death, Chocolate Makes You Happy and the self-titled track. For this one they made a fantastic and disturbing video with Angela vomiting throughout the whole thing. Unfortunately, due to much polemics they removed it from the air a few days after.

Clinging to a Scheme
by The Radio Dept.
Still needs to grow on me but I already found it better than Pet Grief (2006). Stand-out track so far is Never Follow Suit.

Have One on Me
by Joanna Newsom
A lovely 3 disc album with quite a few enchanting melodies. Might be too long for some people but if that's your case then go and get some extra attention span, please, it's worth it. She developed vocal chord nodules and her voice is now changed. It's still pretty but not as impressive as on previous albums.

I recommend starting with the album Ys (2006) in case you've never heard of this beautiful harp-playing lady.

Other releases worth mentioning:
Heartland by Owen Pallett
L'Assassin (EP) by Rome

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