Music for 2019 | Part I

Hi, this blog is not dead (yet). Here are some interesting and fresh tunes for you and your mom.

Plastic Anniversary
by Matmos
* * * * *
An album recorded using only plastic material couldn't be more pertinant to current times. (Let's do something about the plastic pollution of our oceans, by the way!)
Anspieltipp: ▶︎ Silicone Gel Implant

Remind Me Tomorrow
by Sharon Van Etten
* * * * *
I've had this album on heavy rotation the last couple of weeks. This time she put down her guitar in favour of more electronic flourishes, resulting in a beautifully brooding and introspective album. Check out my song recommendation below.
Anspieltipp: ▶︎ Jupiter 4

by Boy Harsher
* * * * *
I thought minimal synth was a dying fad but this album proved me wrong. I just love listening to this kind of thing: cold synths, clean beats, sensual and melancholic vocals. Sad dance music.
Anspieltipp: ▶︎ LA

History of board games

El juego de la Oca (Game of Goose) printed in Barcelona in the nineteenth century

Stoombots Spel printed in Rotterdam in the early nineteenth century

Round the World With Nellie Bly printed in New York, 1890

New Game of Human Life printed in London, 1790

Neueste Nordpol-Expedition printed in Vienna, circa 1875

Jeu de la Révolution française printed in Paris, circa 1792

The Pyramid of History printed in London, circa 1860

via The Public Domain Review

Favourite albums of 2018

Hint: Click on the covers to listen to a song from that album.

by Dead Can Dance

In a Poem Unlimited
by U.S. Girls

Time 'n' Place
by Kero Kero Bonito

From Gas to Solid / You Are My Friend
by Soap&Skin

You Won't Get What You Want
by Daughters

Onda de amor: Synthesized Brazilian Hits That Never Were (1984-94)
by Various Artists

Songs of Praise
by Shame

Dead Magic
by Anna von Hausswolff

by Them Are Us Too

by Amen Dunes

The complete and updated list can be viewed here.
Happy 2019!

Music for 2018 | Part III

Summer moved on. Here's some new music for the fall.

by Jonathan Bree
* * * * *
All the way from New Zealand, producer and musician Jonathan Bree brings us something that critics are placing between Neil Hannon (The Divine Comedy) and Stephen Merrit (The Magnetic Fields). Perfect references, if you ask me!
Anspieltipp: ▶︎ You're so cool

by Gabe Gurnsey
* * * * *
Gabe Gurnsey, the other half of Factory Floor, released a solo album, bringing over the dancefloor to wherever you're listening to it.
Anspieltipp: ▶︎ Ultra Clear Sound

Double Negative
by Low
* * * * *
Low (already seen live ealier this year) are back again with a new album in their signature melancholy style. This time they experimented with more layers of distortion and drone, adding a different sound to their catalogue this way.
Anspieltipp: ▶︎ Dancing and blood

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Travel Diary: Venice

These are some pictures from my last big trip in 2017 to the ever enticing city of Venice, slowly sinking and drowning in tourists.