The quick brown fox...

Fleet Foxes                                                                               2008
by Fleet Foxes

A warm and cosy baroque folk album. The cover is a part of the 1559 painting Netherlandish Proverbs by Pieter Bruegel, a renaissance artist with a rich and intriguingly detailed work (just click his name to view other pieces).

As Robin Pecknold (vocalist and guitarist of the band) points out, this specific piece is overlaid by a bucolic aesthetic, much like the album's overall atmosphere. But at the same time this painting illustrates numerous small narratives in a dense and unified set, once again in perfect analogy with the band's debut.

Well, I didn't say much about this one but I don't really need to, do I? Just go get it and listen to it. Here's my song choice for a bit of the album's taste:


  1. Good choice! One of the best albums ever! This is timeless music and sounds like craftmusic. Love it.

  2. Craftmusic is a good word to describe this album. (: