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Remain in Light                                                                        1980
by Talking Heads

I'm certainly not revealing anything new since this album already has its deserved reputation. But I'm sure there are still a lot of you out there who don't know this art rock pearl from the early 80s.

The most striking aspect of this experimental album is the tribal and exotic percussion. African polyrythms were used and would become a presence on David Byrne's (the band's singer, lyricist and guitarist) later work. Specially on his soundtrack for the dance piece The Catherine Wheel. Another highlight were the use of samples and loops, a novelty brought by the producer of the album, Brian Eno. It's a fun and tingling album which makes it very accessible but at the same time is probably Talking Heads' most serious and entrancing accomplishment.

As a graphic designer I have to point out to the iconic cover that was designed by Tibor Kalman, known for his co-founding of the Benetton magazine Colors and his portrait of a black Queen Elizabeth.

And to finish, a couple of songs from the album. I want to bring you to the attention of the second one which is my personal favourite.
Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On)

Listening Wind

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