Q: Are we not men?

Q: Are We Not Men?                                                                 1978
by Devo


Q: Who are Devo?
A: Devo are, of course, weird, spastic, funny, lo-fi, sci-fi, witty, sarcastic, rockabillic, repetitive and parodistic. Great huh?

Q: What is Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!?
A: That's a FAQ within a FAQ; I'm confused. Whatever; An album not to be omitted when making your journey through rock history. You'll stumble over it someday anyway, and it'll be a wonderful day.

Q: What's on it?
A: It's got a psychoanalytic track; a shaky Rolling Stones cover; a schizophrenic religious song; a space-wave trash composition; a mongoloid; a 7/4 FAQ; a paranoid-driven punk song; a mammy-slappin' "pop song"; a modern rock'n'roller; another modern rock'n'roller; a very weird shrivel. And all in that order.

Q: Who likes it?
A: Everyone, basically. Except some 100 people or so at RYM (out of 2000; makes 5 in 100)

Q: I don't give a shit on RYM users. Who liked it that is a person of interest?
A: Frank Zappa. He used "Mongoloid" in one of his medleys actually.

Q: Did Rolling Stone like it?
A: No.

Q: Cool, it must be great then.
A: That wasn't a question.

Q: I'm sorry?
A: That's better.

Q: Hm. Who produced the shit by the way?
A: Brian P.G.l.B.d.l.S. Eno. And he did a very well job I think. Although Devo didn't seem to wanna cooperate a lot with him. But what the hey, it's great as it is, isn't it?

Q: You aren't supposed to ask questions, are you?
A: Oh, I'm sorry.

Q: Actually, I'm running out of questions anyway. A last one...do you think those five men will still be known in 30 years?
A: Yeah, except humanity has died out. Although "Men" doesn't seem to be an appropriate term for them.

Q: Are They Not Men?
A: They Are Devo!

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