It's only noise

I've been posting very little about my favourite passion. So here are a few albums that have been a constant in my latest playlists.

Strawberry Jam                                                                       2007
by Animal Collective
Took me a really long time to get into this band. I started enjoying this album after listening to it for the 7th time. FOR REVEREND GREEN FOR REVEREND GREEN FOR REVEREND GREEN

The Dark Third                                                                        2006
by Pure Reason Revolution
Well, The Gathering are undoubtly my favourite band but I grew tired of listening to them (until they release new and better material). This album has been a fantastic substitute for them and honestly much better than The Gathering's last release, The West Pole. It's a shame I didn't know them very well when I saw them opening for Porcupine Tree last year.

You Turn Me On                                                                       1992
by Beat Happening
Sexy twee, lo-fi, indie pop whatever. What can I say? This album turns me on! Tough task picking only one song from such a consistent album but here it is:

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