Krautrock pop

Transparent Things                                                                  2006
by Fujiya & Miyagi

I was actually joking when I came up with the term krautrock pop in another useless forum thread about kpop (term used by weeaboos to describe pop music from (South-)Korea which honestly isn't any better or different from western pop, except for the language). But anyway, someone pointed me to this band saying it fit my description perfectly. And it's true. Krautrock pioneers from the late 60s and 70s like NEU!, Can and even Kraftwerk are audible influences on this album. Plus, there's a contemporary dance beat keeping pace with the Seeland soundscapes. Let's hear some proof:

I must say that their visual work is also quite striking. But as interesting as it might look these folks miss a few things in musical terms. Most of this album is disappointingly dull and only a couple of songs like Collarbone or In One Ear & Out The Other are meant to be kept in the end. But I still found it worth sharing and I highly recommend you to satisfy your eventual krautrock pop appetite with this fine salad.

PS: Some time ago I said I would rate albums and talk about the cover design in order to disguise my bad reviewing style. Fuck that.

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