Black metal

Last weekend I went to Vagos Open Air, the sole surviving metal festival this year since other big, small and/or renowned events have been successively cancelled (Caos Emergente being the most polemic case). I'm going to make a small report about the bands I saw live as soon as I get back the photos I took with a friend's camera. For now I'll be presenting and rating a few purchases I made at the festival's shop.

Autumn Aurora                                                                           2004
by Drudkh

Theses Ukrainian folks were my first introduction to atmospheric black metal back then. Listening to this album I can't help but immerse in a sort of melancholy and deep sadness. It feels like a walk in the forest on a cold autumn day. Quite fitting.

Casus Luciferi                                                                             2003
by Watain

This album came out of nowhere and blew my mind. Very strong musicianship throughout the whole album.

Fas – Ite, Maledicti, in Ignem Aeternum                                      2007
by Deathspell Omega

I have to say that besides the music on this album I've always loved the cover art. The other illustrations in the booklet are just as nice with a medieval engraving style of apocalyptic feel. Very technical and conceptual, I have a special preference for this one over Si Monumentum Requires, Circumspice for having been my first experience with this band.

Oh, and for those who have enjoyed my so colourful, bright, happy and artsy-hip posts: yes, I do like metal and I intend to post about some good stuff from time to time. I do understand that it's a kind of music that doesn't appeal to a lot (most) of my friends. But hey, nothing cooler than having an open mind, right?

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