Where I've been

I decided to post a few pictures of the places I've been lately. It focus mostly on local architecture because I always tend to get deeply involved with the buildings' history. Click to view (slightly) larger, it's worth the time.

Magdeburg - where I'm living

The Green Citadel of the Austrian architect Hundertwasser located in the main avenue.

Stalinist architecture from the former GDR times.

Leipzig - where I want to live

The monumental castle-like city hall.

Colourful mural painting celebrating freedom and democracy.

Detail of the mural painting.

One of the many green areas in the city.

Bremen - where I could live

The main train station, a witness of the industrial revolution.

The historical marketplace was left unscathed by the WWII bombings.

Brick red is Bremen's main colour tone.

A windmill in the city park.


  1. Parece-me maravilhoso! Quero ver tudo! :D


  2. :P

    Já sabem, estão à vontade para me vir visitar e descubrir estas maravilhas também.

  3. Vamos organizar uma excursão à Alemanha :P