You know I am your dagger

Souvlaki                                                                                   1993
by Slowdive

I'd like to share more of my favourite music here in my blog so here's another one. From the rating you can guess that I really like this album so there's not much to say, really. Along with My Bloody Valentine's Loveless, it's probably the most acclaimed release from the whole shoegaze scene from the early 90s, a scene that never got enough attention due to the rise of britpop and grunge at the time. It's actually painful for me to read about how music critics back then discarded this wonderful piece of sound just because it wasn't in. Regardless, I just want to underline my everlasting love for this album and share a song from it. Besides Allison, Machine Gun and Dagger (songs that you should pay special attention to when trying out the whole thing), When The Sun Hits is one of my pet soundscapes, if I can call it that:

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