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It's been a couple of weeks since the end of the Munich Filmschool Festival and I've been meaning to write about it here. The festival consist of a showcase of a great variety of short films (some spanning to over 40 minutes) produced at film schools from all around the world. But a busy work and social life kept me from taking the time to register my experience and now I feel like it's a bit too late to recall my exact feelings and thoughts about each movie. Instead I'm going to highlight the few that left a long lasting expression.

Holding Still                                                                           2010
by Florian Riegel from KHM - Germany

You can watch the trailer here. Honestly, it looks really boring but my, it was probably the most striking psychologically and my favourite overall. The synopsis tells the following: Using a surveillance camera, Janis can see things that would otherwise remain hidden from her - her living room, her kitchen and especially life outside her house. Since Janis cannot be part of the world around her, she brings a piece of that world into her own little realm. Paralysed for over 20 years, the character tells us about her joyful past and how an unexpected mood change bound her to the bed for the rest of her life. The sad realisation of her conformity that things will eventually come to you if you can't go out meet them left this strong feeling of anxiety in my chest. For further insight watch this video. (Thank you Janis!)

Miracle Lady (Baalat Hanes)                                                   2009
by Michal Abulafia & Moran Somer from BEZALEL - Israel

Fortuna is an old lady who waits in her wedding gown for her late husband to return home. Her next door neighbor, Marcela-Merkada, is the servant of the mean Rabbi Toledano - and she waits for death to come and take her away. When their fates connect they are both miraculously freed, one from the chains of love, the other from the chains of life. A really sweet 10 minute clay animation, worth watching if it ever shows up at a film festival near you (or your cool short film program on TV).

Sheep Can Graze Safe (Las Ovejas Pueden Pastar Seguras)        2009
by Néstor Sampieri from CCC - Mexico

A day in the life of Soledad, a former government employee fired after the Mexican crisis in 1995. A bit of Mexican political history is needed here and I'm glad there was a brief but insightful conversation with the director afterwards. Plenty of symbolisms in such a short flick and a sudden ending increasing the amount of reflection needed to wholly interpret and understand this piece.

Enterprisse                                                                            2010
by Mauricio Quiroga from UCINE - Argentina

This one is a small exercise in technique and aesthetics mirroring an odd social circumstance. I guess it's the awareness of a completely new reality that sticks with me when it comes to these kind of movies. Again, the clarifying interview with the director afterwards changed everything into a more interesting perspective. I guess one had to be there to appreciate the whole experience. Don't miss your next short film festival!

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