Unfortunately, the fastest way for me to go to work and back home is taking the underground train (U-Bahn). I've never been a fan of this kind of public transport because I don't get to see a lot from the city (specially on sunnier days). However, even underneath the surface, the U-Bahn here in Munich has some really marvellously designed stations that I'm now going to present through the photography of Christian Beirle González. Enjoy!

a clean, well lighted place
Warped Tunnel with Green and White Tiles
Build For Speed
Zulu 13:16 - Incoming Train
Am Moosfeld - Munich
↓ Olympia-Einkaufszentrum station is where I get off to go to work.
Destination Moonbase-Alpha
Below the Yellow and Red Lights
↓ I feel like I'm in a Kubrick movie every time I walk through the tunnel at Marienplatz.
U-Bahn Muenchen
U-Bahn St. Quirin Platz - Munich
Next Stop: Sewastopol
Enter the Station
A Study on Convergence


  1. Beautiful! I want to go there!

  2. You're all welcome to visit me in Munich some day. But I have to warn you that sadly some of those stations don't look that clean any more. :P