Favourite albums of 2010

Happy 2011, everyone! Here are my top 10 favourite albums from the recently finished year.

Hammer and Anvil
by Pure Reason Revolution

Penny Sparkle
by Blonde Redhead

by Ellie Goulding

The Fool
by Warpaint

All Delighted People EP
by Sufjan Stevens

Der freiwillige Bettler
by Urfaust

The Soft Moon
by The Soft Moon

by Twin Shadow

Have One On Me
by Joanna Newsom

by Deathspell Omega

So this is it. Of course I haven't listened to everything that came out last year so it's still possible for me to discover a gem that could take the place of any other record on this list. So in order to view a more complete and updated list please visit my Favourite releases from 2010 list on Rate Your Music.

I'm going to add now a short list of a few honourable mentions. These are all albums from unsigned artists I've met who released their home-made records independently in 2010.

The Milky Way
by Crimson Milk
Strong death metal album with a very slick production. You can get it here for free.

Pure Malevolence
by Jack Goodlet
Never have I heard him this malevolent. Get some more of his music here. (Sorry about the cover, Jack. I'll make a better one soon. This is just a place-holder.)

20 anos de MPD
by Various Artists
I don't actually know these guys but I'd like to spread the word about this nice compilation of unemployed pop music that I found randomly at Bolachas.


  1. Nuno! Glad I found your list.

    Thanks for the mention and nice words too!

  2. No problem Evan. I'll be looking forward to your next releases. (And collaborate on the graphics as well.) ;)