When we're dancing

Two weeks ago I saw the boy with the yellow balloon shooting holes at the moon live. I'm talking about George Lewis Jr. and his project Twin Shadow. They played live here in Munich in one of the smaller stages of the Feierwerk complex.

According to him we were an attractive crowd. Thanks Lewis. ;)

I love the desolate synth sound on the album but in a live show you get something completely different. In the words of my mate: it sounds like completely new music to which you know the lyrics to. And with only one album out, not a lot was left to be played for the encore. So after offering a nice cover of David Bowie's catchy Ashes to Ashes song I got my copy of Forget signed and exchanged a few words with Lewis.

Of course I had to record the live version of my favourite song.

And last week it was time for my second Wire show. Opening for them was this American band called Weekend who describe themselves as noisy shoegaze. Totally my thing but they still have a long way to go, in my modest opinion. Anyway, in sonic terms they are probably the closest thing to A Place To Bury Strangers (one of my favourite bands!) that I've heard so far. I'm definitely going to keep an eye (and ear) open for them.

The boys from Weekend playing their feedback filled rock.

Shortly after it was time for post-punk legends Wire to play. It reminded me a bit of last year's Sonic Youth gig: good show but NOT WILD ENOUGH because everyone on stage is getting too old. But the new album is probably the most enjoyable since their 70s trilogy and Colin Newman's solo work. So it wasn't too bad that the record dominated the whole set-list down to the double-encore. But of course I was salivating for the classics which made sparse but rewarding appearances throughout the show. Overall it was lot better than seeing The Fall last summer.

Wire at Atomic Café, one of my favourite clubs in the city.

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