Blaubeuren is the name of a small town in the Swabian Albs, about a 10min train ride away from Ulm. It's the place where I grew up when I was living here in Germany 13 years ago. Now that I'm back to the country I thought it would be really interesting to visit the place again and see if anything has changed or if it's still exactly like I remember it to be. And so I did, along with my man, we took a sunny day during my Easter vacation and made the planned day trip to my past.
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The whole town is surrounded by rocky and forested hills.

First impression on arrival and all my childhood memories surface.

Beautiful sights and natural landscapes anywhere around the town.

Colourful houses in the old town centre.

I don't remember it being this beautiful.

The local library is a genuine civil house from the Renaissance period.

The Rathaus and the medieval fountain in the front.

We had yet to arrive at Blaubeuren's main attraction: the Blautopf. It's a river spring where water accumulated in underground caves is pressured to the surface at this specific spot. Its waters are of an intensely unnatural turquoise colour.

The monastery reflected on the spring's clear surface.

The source of a river like this can be a very mystical place.

Following the river valley we got to see the ruins of the castle Rusenschloss from afar.

I was overwhelmed by the beauty of this place and realized how much of my remembrance of the town got lost with time. I highly recommend visiting Blaubeuren and its surroundings since it's out of the typical tourist routes, but certainly worthwhile.

Talking about typical tourism... On our way back we had to change trains in Ulm and of course we took a quick tour through the city centre. So here's a picture of the world's tallest church.

The Ulmer Münster is considered the tallest church since it doesn't count as a Cathedral.


  1. Bem, parece lindo! :D Ter memórias de infância de sítios assim vale a pena...