Music for 2011 - Part 2

Lots of interesting new music was released these past months. I'm just going to list what I've been listening to and add a few words to each.

Gloss Drop
by Battles
Some nice songs on here but as whole it's not as concise as the previous one. Futura would be a good track to check out though.

by The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart
Long have I dismissed this band for several reasons. One of them would be the terrible band name. The other one was because I expected them to sound like The Jesus and Mary Chain and quickly forgot about it because I wanted another Psychocandy and this wasn't one. On the new record however, they actually do sound like TJ&MC but from the Darklands era. Good enough for me as TJ&MC haven't been active since the 90s. A favourite would be Heart in your heartbreak.

by Bill Callahan
Interesting discovery but I don't know why I have a feeling that he must have revealed his potential on a previous project. Let's go check it out. In the meanwhile listen to this song.

by Led Er Est
This is no full length album but a really freaky and dark minimal synth punk EP. Me likes and wants more of this. Try it out here. Those synths sound displaced from our time.

Hot Sauce Comittee, Pt. 2
by Beastie Boys
Old news, I know. But I was positively surprised by this. Almost lives up to their former glory days. The track with Santigold would be my favourite on the album.

Common Era
by Belong
Ha, I haven't read any good reviews on this one so far. Apparently they changed their sound from ambient drone to something more "generic". Well this "generic" sound is totally up my alley: melancholic and distant soundscapes with layers of noisy shoegaze effects. So sad and subtle. I'm not going to point out any particular track because one should listen to the whole thing!

Bon Iver
by Bon Iver
Guess what album is leading my top for this year so far? Yep, wonderfully well produced melodies of a healthy mix between folk and the 80s and some pinches of Peter Gabriel sophistication (specially on the last track which is borderline cheesy, but the best sort of cheese you can imagine). Obviously I have also to point out the great artwork for the album done by Gregory Euclide.

There are a few more albums that I could list here but they're mainly just metal releases. I always take a little bit longer to form an opinion on those. Also, take a look at Part 1 if you missed it.

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