Music for the summer ☼

The sun was shining and I just felt like doing this. Click on the covers to listen to a selected song.

Endless Flowers                                                                       2012
by Crocodiles
Fuzzy fizzy lo-fi pop, very upbeat and totally my kind of feel-good summer music. I'll be putting half of the songs on this album on a "beach music" playlist for sure. And no, I don't care about the bad reviews and constant comparisons to other (hinted as better) bands everyone is throwing at this album with a naked boy on the cover. .I.

Holograms                                                                               2012
by Holograms
This will be my post-punk-revival dosage for this year – like Iceage was in 2011, except this one also has the synth effects à la Wire. It also suffers from the same problems as the other one above, but hey, as long as I can relate to this kind of music I'm happy. The chosen playlist for these songs would be aptly named "refreshing sunshine punk for a Scandinavian summer" or something along those lines.

Anastasis                                                                                 2012
by Dead Can Dance
It's a s if they never went on hiatus – 16 years later and it still sounds like 1996. I mean, this is a good thing, it's a solid comeback and should make an appearance on everyone's top lists for this year. Perfect for the more melancholic or tellurian moods, for a radiant day in the mountains or on the countryside.

Shrines                                                                                    2012
by Purity Ring
First Grimes, and now the most recent 4AD sensation. I'm certain Obedear will be the soundtrack to my feverish hot summer evenings. This album should be approached with caution, though, as it might be too much pop for your ears.

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