Music for 2012 - Part 3

Hello, there's lots of nice new music for you to listen to. Here are some of my suggestions for whoever bothers to read this. (As usual, click on the album art to listen to a selected song.)

I Know What Love Isn't
by Jens Lekman
I know what love is and it probably sounds a bit like this. Oh Jens, despite your humble and charming character someone dared to painfully break your heart. :(

The Seer
by Swans
Aahh, finally! This is what I've been expecting all this time since the reformation of Swans. Here, the genius of Michael Gira brings us the more familiar Swans' sonic scope back but at the same time still manages to sound fresh and original. And all this on a two hour long album. Also, Karen-O.

Putrifiers II
by Thee Oh Sees
I haven't had the time to give it more then a couple of brief listens, hence the lack of an exact rating. But I can already tell that this is one of their most sober releases so far. A bunch of the tracks on here could as well be Beatles b-sides (almost a tongue twister) while others consist of clear Velvet Underground homages. First impressions are certainly favourable.

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