Music for 2013 | Part I

Time for some music suggestions. If you like what I like then you will love this. (Click on the covers to listen to a selected song.)

Waiting For Something To Happen
by Veronica Falls
* * * * *
This is an album filled with very simple and familiar stories about love. But with songs this catchy and pure the familiarity is hardly a problem. And jangly guitars will always have this infallible feel-good effect on me (damn you, Marr ❤). Thankfully this one is just like their debut album! Except maybe even more charming. "Everbody’s crazy. What’s your excuse, baby?"

m b v
by My Bloody Valentine
* * * * *
So much could be said about this. There was a lot of talk, hype and expectations for a release that was promised over two decades ago. This is certainly no Loveless (because nothing will ever be like Loveless) but I'm so overwhelmingly happy to hear some new noise from this band. Tracks like only tomorrow, new you and in another way are just marvelous. And of course the production throughout the whole record is undeniably flawless. But I have to point out one very negative thing about this album: they spent practically 22 years on the music but apparently only 22 minutes on the cover. Tsk tsk.

Push The Sky Away
by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds
* * * * *
I was quite positively surprised by this, I didn't see it coming. It's a very quiet, slow and at times dark album. Warren Ellis is all over the place (more than usual). The title track is just otherworldly, you've certainly never heard Nick Cave like this before.

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