Music for 2013 | Part III

I must confess I'm quite behind on the latest releases and my list keeps growing without me finding the time to check them off. But here are some old new things:

by Future Bible Heroes
* * * * *
Future Bible Heroes is a side project led by Stephin Merritt from The Magnetic Fields, and this album sounds basically like... yeah, The Magnetic Fields. But with less mojo —­ hence my low rating. But it's still worth giving it try in respect to songs like Partygoing (click on the cover above) and Love Is A Luxury I Can No Longer Afford.

by Lescop
* * * * *
I know... this came out last year, but I only decided to check it out this summer due to some additional promotion from my news feeds. It's french, elegant, seductive and noir — a record full of sexy electro-pop (or nouvelle cold-wave) songs to dance alone to in a dimly lit club. Standout tracks are the opener La Forêt and my personal favourite Ljubljana.

Pain is Beauty
by Chelsea Wolfe
* * * * *
Now here's a record that definitely piques my interest: gloomy folk with a slight touch of metal, resulting in a chilling and austere atmosphere. The beats are bleak, the voice is haunting. This lady is probably a witch disguised as a musician, resurrecting the devilish spirit of 90s Swans/Jarboe with her music. The world of skin is impending!

Also currently listening to:
Dream River by Bill Callahan
Olympia by Austra
Crimes Of Passion by Crocodiles
The Bones Of What You Believe by CHVRCHES

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