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Early this summer (or late spring), an original birthday gift took us for the first time to the renown Karlovy Vary International Film Fest in the Czech Republic. And this is what we saw:

The Eagle Huntress
by Otto Bell | USA | 2016
* * * * *
Thirteen-year-old Aisholpan has just one wish – to become an eagle huntress, thereby continuing the family tradition. In order to fulfill her dream she must overcome one remaining fundamental obstacle: falconry is usually the purview of men. Tinged with a touch of fairy tale, this Sundance audience favorite is set in the breathtaking mountains of Mongolia and is all the more unbelievable for being a true story.

One Week And One Day
by Asaph Polonsky | Israel | 2016
* * * * *
In contrast to dramas focusing on protagonists who succumb to an illness, here the main characters are people who must come to terms with such a tragedy – an aging couple who have lost their only son. Initially, carrying on seems impossible but humorous moments crop up at even the toughest of times, making it thinkable to take the first step toward regaining their equilibrium.

Death By Death
by Xavier Seron | Belgium, France | 2016
* * * * *
Michel is the prototype of the outsider. On top of that he’s an inveterate hypochondriac obsessed with visions of death. And why wouldn’t he be, when he’s pathologically dependent on his self-centered mother, a woman who endured cancer and will speak of nothing else. This markedly stylized work serves up a litany of wild and absurd situations with sophisticated humor.

United States Of Love
by Tomasz Wasilewski | Poland, Sweden | 2016
* * * * *
The advent of the 1990s brought fundamental social change and a wealth of new possibilities. The film’s four heroines of different ages long for fulfilment in their lives and want to be part of that change. Created by one of the most distinctive artists working in Poland, the picture is dominated by exquisitely captured moments of searing, wretched desire for love and intimacy, and also by precise lensing from Oleg Mutu. Silver Bear for Best Script at this year’s Berlinale.

by Jim Jarmusch | USA | 2016
* * * * *
Paterson is both a bus driver and a poet. He lives with his wife in the town of Paterson, once celebrated, now forgotten. The seven days, during which Jarmusch’s poetic film follows the rhythms of the couple’s life, unfold simply through the director’s gentle humor and his observation of the minute details that make up Paterson’s internal world.

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