Music for 2017 | Part III

It's that time of the year again. (No, I don't mean the Wiesn.)

Science Fiction
by Brand New
* * * * *
I used to listen to this band a lot 10 years ago, so I was hyped to hear that a new album was out. I know, they released another one in the meantime but I ended up deleting it from my music library. This one seems to be more interesting and will hopefully not suffer the same fate.
Anspieltipp: ▶︎ Desert

American Dream
by LCD Soundsystem
* * * * *
Oh look, another comeback! And this time James Murphy completely embraces his inspirations and influences on this record. Songs like Other Voices or Change Yr Mind could as well be lost tracks from Talking Head's Remain in Light from 1980. You can also find some Bowie, New Order and even Giorgio Moroder sounds — a very diversified and fun album.
Anspieltipp: ▶︎ I Used To

Modern Kosmology
by Jane Weaver
* * * * *
This lady is amazing. Every album sounds different and has a unique concept to it. Modern Kosmology might be her best yet. Unfortunately it's seems to be a very underrated record but it's certainly going to make an appearance on my top 10 list for this year.
Anspieltipp: ▶︎ Slow Motion

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