Stars are stars - INDEPENDENCIA

This movie was a pleasant surprise from my last quality control viewing. (If you have no clue what I'm talking about you haven't read my last post).

I think the strongest aspect of this film is its aesthetic conquest. I have no clue about the technical details of the cameras used but I took delight in those moments of little light where you noticed the subtle variation of contrast taking me back to Kurosawa during the 50s. Mostly black and white with touches of intentional colour (nothing outrageously original, I know) this film engages us with a small and improvised scenery of constant photographic beauty. The story is unconventional and tells us about a culture I had never informed myself about (something I find highly attractive in independent cinema).

As it happened during the previous viewings I had no background on the movies I had to watch but this has helped me to create an unstained opinion of what I would eventually see on the screen. This film by the young director Raya Martin has not left me indifferent and I'm surely going to investigate more about his career.


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