Stars are stars

My blog has been a bit quiet lately. I'm having little time to update it because I'm doing volunteer work in the organization of the Indie Lisboa 2010, the 7th edition of the international independent film festival in Lisbon. I enjoyed last year's edition as a spectator but this year I'm having a more intimate experience with the festival. I'm working with a fantastic and fun team and it's moving how much dedication these people put into making the event happen and work properly.

The program has become increasingly vast and it's quite hard to follow all the quality offer. I want to highlight this movie I had so much fun watching during the quality control (this phase consists in verifying if the film's picture, sound and subtitles are okay and synchronized; basically I got to sit in a theatre room all for myself and watch movies). It's a Belgian animation (in stop-motion style) and the trailer doesn't even prepare you for all the unexpected hilarity of the story and surreal characters.

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