Favourite albums of 2010 - 2nd quarter

Half a year and a lot of new releases from already loved bands but most of them are a real let down. I'm talking about the new 65daysofstatic We Were Exploding Anyway, Goldfrapp's Head First and Écailles de Lune by Alcest. I didn't even enjoy the recent LCD Soundsystem This Is Happening, the final piece in James Murphy's trilogy. But let's move on to the few gems I kept.

How To Destroy Angels
by How To Destroy Angels
The new Trent Reznor project launched their first EP for free on their website. One might think he would do something completely new but this doesn't sound much different from what he did with Nine Inch Nails. Still worth checking out. And hey, it's for free.

Nos Chants Perdus
by Rome

This album is a step away from the typical neofolk and martial industrial sound of previous works and might not please the old fans. It has obvious influences from French chanson and probably sounds slightly more conventional because of that. But it's filled with delightful melodies that slowly grow on you.

Other releases worth mentioning:
Baalstorm, Sing Omega by Current 93 - Haven't listened to it properly yet in order to make a fair and secure judgement.

And I would like to refer to this post for the first quarter of the year. I have high expectations for the next one since I'm expecting a new Blonde Redhead, Film School and Diamanda Gálas album!

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