Dortmund and the Ruhr

This is sort of a continuation of my other post. Last week I spent 4 days in Dortmund and had the chance to get to know the city and the outlying Ruhr region, a once heavily industrialized area now re-qualified an transformed into a place for art and culture. Here are some selected pictures.

The RWE Tower is the first thing you notice when stepping out of the train station.

After 98% of destruction during WWII the city has now a very modernized skyline.

More modernist architecture details.

The Westfalenpark with the TV tower in the background.

Zeche Zollern is an old mining factory in Art Nouveau style now converted into a museum.

A now inactive mining structure.

In the museum I found this vintage poster about safety for the mine workers.

Products used by the mine workers back in the days.

Some of the houses built nearby the factories for the former mine workers.

The Ruhr region once suffered from heavy industry pollution.

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