Music for 2018 | Part I

Before I forget, here is some new music for you and me.

In a Poem Unlimited
by U.S. Girls
* * * * *
This album wasn't as immediate for me as her previous release Half Free, a favourite of mine of 2015. But if you let it grow on you it will bloom!
Anspieltipp: ▶︎ Mad as Hell

Songs of Praise
by Shame
* * * * *
I know, there is nothing special about it at first listen. Generic, plain guitar music you say? Well, it's been a while since I enjoyed a raw and young spirited band like this one. Let's not grow old too fast.
Anspieltipp: ▶︎ One Rizla

La Contra Ola – Synth Wave & Post Punk From Spain 1980-86
by Various Artists
* * * * *
The Movida was a countercultural movement in Spain equivalent to the british new wave and the Neue Deutsche Welle in Germany. This newly released compilation brings together a selection of bands that participated in one of history's most refreshing music scenes.
Anspieltipp: ▶︎ La Marca De Anubis by Los Iniciados

Mr. Dynamite
by Creep Show
* * * * *
To be fair, I didn't give this record enough time to sink in but I was so happy to hear that John Grant is back with a new project. So if you're a fan, go check it out.
Anspieltipp: ▶︎ Modern Parenting

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