Music for 2018 | Part II

In need of some music suggestions for the summer?

A Laughing Death in Meatspace
by Tropical Fuck Storm
* * * * *
If you are a fan of Australian band The Drones then you should definitely get hold of this album. It's a new project by lead members Liddiard and Fiona Kitschin and will sound very familiar to you with it's noisy guitars, raw dynamics and the characteristic eloquent lyrics.
Anspieltipp: ▶︎ You let my tyres down

* * * * *
It's been seven years since we had new music from Ssion. The new single Comeback announces indeed a comeback in full force with intriguing guest appearances like Sky Ferreira, Róisín Murphy (on a spoken word track) and Ariel Pink (damn, does he look good in drag).
Anspieltipp: ▶︎ Comeback

Little Dark Age
* * * * *
I never really looked much into this band (blame it on the nauseaitngly overplayed singles Kids and Time to pretend) but all the positive reviews hyping the new album made me curious. There are indeed some really delightful songs, specially on the first half, and definitely worth checking out if you can handle all the 80s worship.
Anspieltipp: ▶︎ Me and Michael

by Amen Dunes
* * * * *
Don't tell anyone, but this is my possible contender for album of the year! There is a subtle beauty to it, very difficult to grasp, that I'm afraid most people will dismiss as boring on first listen. Defintely one of the most underrated albums of recent times.
Anspieltipp: ▶︎ Blue Rose

Dead Magic
by Anna von Hausswolff
* * * * *
Let's say this sounds like Swans meets Dead Can Dance playing pipe organ. And now I just found out that she also provided the ethereal background vocals on some Wolves in the Throne Room tracks! No wonder I'm in love with this.
Anspieltipp: ▶︎ The Mysterious Vanishing of Electra

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