Music for 2011 - Part 4

And before I publish my carefully dissected top 2011 albums list, I'd like to mention a few other releases that have been metaphorically spinning in my record player lately.

The Hunter
by Mastodon
My favourite metal album for this year with one of my favourite album covers as well. Designed by AJ Fosik, his bizarre compositions of beasts with multiplied features in colourful layered scales describe Mastodon's recent work pretty well. It's quite catchy and therefore might put off some older fans of the band. But to me it opened the doors to Mastodon's kaleidoscopic soundscapes. STARGASMS!

Celestial Lineage
by Wolves In The Throne Room
Hipsters' favourite black metal band - yeah, I can assure you that after attending one of their shows last month. (Guilty as charged, by the way.) I was kind of surprised to see so many even though I was still expecting it. Anyway, this one is slightly better than Black Cascade and has an epic opener. In other words (and because I want to fill some more space with text): still worth checking out.

by A.A. Bondy
Found out about this American singer-songwriter through a mix-tape I got for Christmas a couple of years ago. Since then I've been following his work and despite not being anything particularly brilliant (if compared to the likes of Nick Drake or Townes Van Zandt) he can craft some really beautiful songs. I myself love this guy.

by I Break Horses
My Bloody Valentine meets Cocteau Twins. Or something like that. This album makes me happy.

Nothing Serious
by Montage Pupulaire
Proof that radio can still be a good and valid resource to find interesting new music. You just have to tune into the right alternative station. You can download this EP for free on the band's blog here. This was a good tip and I'm looking forward to their debut album.

You can find a track from each of these albums on my playlist of favourites songs of 2011:

2011 songs by Nuno Laranja on Grooveshark

Fore more music here is Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

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