Music for 2012 - Part 4

So before I publish my totally reductive and subjective top albums list at the end of the year, I'd like to present a few more new records that I've been enjoying (and that you also might like?) lately.

by Mac DeMarco
A seductive and seemingly effortless guitar playing invites you to dive into a lazy-sunny-sunday-afternoon kind of mood. Cool album. Very lightweight and breezy jangle pop, nothing more needs to be said.

Dar De Duh
by Dordeduh
I completely lost track of metal (releases) this year... Blame my not so metal-friendly circle of friends. However, I discovered this little gem from Negură Bunget ex-band members and have been enjoying the profuse and multifaceted sounds on it (specially the Romanian folk chants). And yeah, I'm aware that it has a silly name, duh.

Love and Regret
by Cold Showers
Yes, I did listen to this album 13 times in a row the other day. I couldn't help it, this is exactly my kind of music: danceable melancholic post-punk. Nothing for those of you seeking something groundbreaking. With this said, let's hope post-punk revival is finally dead now.

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